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We have all heard the jokes that start with “Two guys walk into a bar…” Well, that is just how this story begins.

In 2018 Gary and Robert walked into Trout Lakes’ local bar The Buckhorn. At that time the Buckhorn was owned and operated by Paula. Like so many times before the guys stayed for a while and had a few beverages.

This is how Gary tells it.

Robert and I were sitting around the Buckhorn one afternoon, a few years ago. As usual, some of our best ideas came when we had a few drinks in us. For some reason, we were talking about the Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk and decided we should have the Shytte Creek Bridge Walk. Robert, Paula, and I thought it was a brilliant idea!


So along with some other volunteers, this took off like wildfire.


Hard to believe how something so silly has become a Labor Day destination in the small town of Trout Lake. The Shytte Creek Bridge Walk grows every year.


All proceeds from the event go to the Trout Lake Pride Organization.

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